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What is fixed-dialing numbers

i need to know everthing abou fixed-dialing system

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Fixed Dialling Number, or FDN mode, allows you to set up a list of phone numbers to which calls cannot be made, and the function even allows you to bar certain dialling code prefixes, such as premium rate numbers.

More Information about fixed-dialing numbers:


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Actually that's incorrect, it's the opposite. The FDN list is a list of numbers that your phone is allowed to dial. If you activate the FDN feature, you will only be able to dial the numbers in the FDN list, and no others. This allows parents to program their kids phones so they can only call family members, or companies can setup employee phones so they can only call work-related contacts, etc.


Well isn't this just the best unknown feature...this is perfect to keep the wife from trying to sneak off a call to her boyfriend or that nagging mother in law.


No actually. Both of y'all are wrong…


Hi @ladybugs199690,

Care to elaborate with the "correct" answer?


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