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The JBL Charge was released in 2012. It features Bluetooth and 3.5mm audio for a wide range of inputs. A high-capacity 6000mAh battery provides several hours of entertainment and can charge other devices with its built-in USB port. Available in Black, Green, Gray, and Blue.

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JBL Charge suddenly stopped to work

Hi, I really enjoyed JBL charge, but yesterday it stopped working. When I press or hold "Power" button I have no response from the device. If I connect it to the charger then battery indicators are turning blue. If I press the "Power" button it starts as usual, but no sound on start (no sounds at all from the device). I can pair my phone or laptop, but still no sound from the device (JBL). After a few minutes the device is turning off and only the first battery indicator is flashing red. I think this is something with the battery, because without charger it's completly dead. Maybe I can reset it in some way?

Please help me to fix it. Thank you.

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My jbl pulse cannot be charge

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I have exactly the same issue with my Charge now. It started with the micro usb port which was getting poor while loading. Now it doesn't work at all anymore. Anyone?

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Hey first of all I am from Belgium so I apologise for my English.

If your speaker turns on when you charge it ,but not when you push the power button if you don't charge it.

The only thing you have to do is charge it and if your speaker turns on hold the power button and the volume minus - button simultaneously until it turns off.

Than pull out the cable and push the power button.

If it doesn't turns on you should repeat the previous steps but instead of pushing the power button and the volume minus button press the power button and the volume plus button until it turns of.

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