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The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is part of Google's NEXUS lineup of flagship devices. It has an HD Super AMOLED display, curved display, and Android version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

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Why won't my phone stay on when it is not charging?

I left my phone on the charger all night. When I woke up I unplugged it and it was Hot!!. When I unplugged it, It shut off and would not ome all the way back on unless it was charging. I tried taking out the battery and letting cool down but still no luck. I already checked for water damage and it fine. What should I do?? Please help..

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Since the phone was not in physically contact with water, Then there is obviously no chance of any water damage,

According to the symptoms its a definite issue with your battery.

Replace your battery and the handset should be just fine.


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