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Remount the ceiling fan light kit on Hampton Bay 48-TP ceiling fan?

Dear iFixit Answers community, I beseech your help in remounting the ceiling fan light kit (at least I assume it is a light kit) in my Hampton Bay 48-TP ceiling fan. I was attempting to remove the light bulb cover and somehow ended loosening the entire light kit from the fan assembly. Here is a closer look at the light kit separated from the fan assembly. Numerous attempts have been made to remount the light kit assembly, all have ended in failure. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

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Have you considered doing a teardown? Seriously, tell us what you did to loosen it. The pictures are to shiny to really tell anything but I do see a threaded bolt and suspect a nut on the other end of it has been turned, (pun intentional). See if you can get to that nut and tighten it or put it back on.


Here's an assembly video guide for a ceiling fan with a light kit, it's long but will probably tell you how to fix it:

and another one:

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Thanks for the reply. I simply turned it clockwise, hoping that the light bulb glass cover would loosen, however it seems I loosened the entire light kit assembly. I have searched for notches, possible hooks, screws, etc. and have found nothing. I have attempted to mount the light kit assembly back on the bolt, but it won't thread. I've turned it clockwise and counterclockwise, but it simply will not thread. As much as I enjoy a teardown (and believe me I do haha), I'm hoping to avoid that route for now.

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