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Earpiece works but camera doesn't


I just made a screen replacement and had a problem.

Everything seemed fine earpiece was working but frontcamara didn't work?

I first though defective cable but I tried it on another iPhone 5 where both the camera and earpiece worked.

What could be the problem on the 1. iPhone?

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The ear speaker and front are controlled by the same flex cable, if the flex works fine on another phone then take a look at the logic board connector and surrounding components.

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I thought that as well, but after checking it there didn't seem to be any problem with the logic board, no bad connection etc. it just seems strange that the earpiece functions but the camera doesn't? would a software hard reset maybe fix the problem? I changed the screen and the camera working before the screen was damaged, and the flex has only been changed 1-2 times since, I am very carefull with the flex cables and always use a spudge.

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