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La Canon EOS 7D fue la primera cámara profesional de gama alta de Canon con un sensor de recorte APS-C.

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Where can I find a replacement LCD screen for my EOS 7D?

My 12 year old daughter knocked my camera off from a desk and it landed rear side down on something sharp which has totally wrecked the rear LCD screen.

I walked into a camera shop earlier and they said it would have to be sent away to Canon to be fixed which would mean parting with a large sum of money.

I have tried searching for replacement LCD screens but either I'm being a bit dim or they are pretty hard to come by.

Can someone point me in the right direction as to where I can find a proper replacement screen - thanks.

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Thanks ever so much oldturkey03

Hopefully this will put an end to my problem :)

- de

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@outnumbered69 the Canon part number is CH9-1163-000 and it should get you more results. The LCD is available from time to time at places like this.

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Just bought one off Ebay for under £20 so that'll be my project when it arrives. Just hope it isn't some cheap fake.

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