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How can I remove and replace the screen from the LCD cover?

The hinges for my display stop rotating so much. Eventually the plastic molds of the LCD cover (ferrules) broke off and the display is no longer attached to the hinges.

More info here:

So I want to by a LCD cover replacement and swap my current display into it. If I wanted to remove the display from my broken LCD cover how would I do that?

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Just figured it out while replacing my LCD cover.

When you have the screen separated from the body (and the hinge cover in the middle taken off as well), you need to hold the LCD cover (the back) steady, and slide the front with the screen downwards.

You should see a little gap form and stay at the top between the cover and the screen now.

After that, just apply a little upward pressure from the bottom in one of the sturdier spots between the screw holes, and the LCD should come up.

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