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Cámara Samsung WB2200F con zoom de 60x y doble empuñadura lanzada en 2014.

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How do I prevent my adapter from overheating?

I am trying to figure out what can be done to prevent the adapter from over heating.

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I was in this problem before

But i stooped use adapter

no i use SD card only

and everything right

- de

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I had this sort of problem in the Philippines for a TV adapter. Due to the extreme heat of the country and the lack of airflow the ac adapter was overheating and the TV would turn off after a certain amount of time. So I had on of those Gel Cooling Pads for a laptop which I was not using. Mine looked like this.

Anyway I wrapped it around the power adapter brick and rubber-banded it on.

OF course you might use something else but remember you are dealing with power so be careful.

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