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The Kindle's big brother, the DX sports a large 9.7" e-ink display that reads like real paper even in bright sunlight.

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Why does my Kindle DX battery run down within 3 days?

I have a Kindle DX I bought second-hand over Amazon about 18 months ago. It arrived in its original packaging, looked like new. However, contrary to my previous Kindle ebook reader, this one ran down within 3-4 days after a full charge even if I never even turned it on. I thought it's a battery problem, ordered a new one over the internet, replaced the old battery - the problem remained absolutely the same, in fact, it's slightly worse, now battery life is about 2 days if I read it a little bit. Is there any way to fix this? In my country (Hungary) there is no Kindle repair service.

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The kindle is probably in sleep mode, which uses energy. Some devices do not hold their charge while in sleep mode very well. Have you tried shutting it down when you are done using it?

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How can you actually shut a traditional Kindle down (it's not a Kindle Fire, which is totally different, it's more like a tablet)? If you turn it off, it's not supposed to consume any energy, the e-ink screen is frozen, which as far as I know does not consume energy. My Kindle doesn't even have any other button than a slide on the top, which is used for both turning it on and off. I used my previous Kindle (same model) the same way, and it ran for weeks on a single charge (until I left it on a public bus...). That's why I suspect that the problem lies somewhere else. But thanks for the suggestion!

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the dx should keep its charge 4 - 6 weeks. if

it drains in 2 or 3 days with a new battery then the display was most probably replaced with an oem version from Ebay. You can open it up and search for traces like broken lids on flatcable clamps etc. Often it shows somewhere.

Manufacturers can sell rejected production units online.

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