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After a screen change my touch get problems [iPhone 5c]

Hi guys,

2 weeks ago i replace my screen of iphone 5c and because the screws that i removed to pull out the broken screen are damaged i decided to buy another pair. This screws are lost by post office but i haven't any problem for 2 weeks and instead from some days i lost the notification center functionality. So i removed the screen again without disassemble again entire the screen (so with the flat connectors connected i raised the screen and put it down. For 10 minutes had worked great but now if i press too much on the screen for example i have the same problem and the iphone work bad and is really annoying.

I think the problem is that the screen isn't perfectly in level because if i press with my fingers near the top of the screen this is responsive and perfect until i press but when i stop pressing if the screen isn't fitted well i have the same problem.

What can i do more than to destroy on the wall?

Thanks, Gabriele.

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If you don't have the 4 screws to hold in the Digitizer, LCD, front camera plugs in firmly then that may be your issue. These screws go on top of the metal place above the logic board.

Also if they don't click in when you plug in the display cables, you may need to straighten out the plug. You can do this with your hands and this will help make better contact with the flex cable plug pins.

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Thanks man and sorry for my bad english, but i had those screws.

The screws that are coming for the 2nd time are that near the jack of earphone and power plug connector.

I miss just that screws and have this annoying problem.

Probably i have to disassemble again and lock that connector those connectors which you refer and pray to work locking the screen with the screws near the power plug connector.

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