Brewer makes intermittent chugging sounds...slowly dribbles coffee?

I have had my Keurig K350 for about 4 weeks and up until problems at all. Have loved this brewer. This morning I began my morning coffee ritual. K-cup in my

machine, lower the handle, push the button, slight pause....chug, chug, chug....dribble, dribble, dribble.....and about 2 teaspoons of diluted coffee in my cup. The process continued slowly in random chugs and dribbles. What is going on? And how can I fix this? I really want to enjoy my machine again! Thank you so much.

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Hi jenny I think your keurig just needs a deep cleaning and I got a guide on how to deep clean your coffee maker . and I got a video to also help you with that now if deep cleaning your keurig does not work then I don't know what else to do but I would definitely try deep cleaning the keurig first. I am sure if my solution didn't fix the issue then your going to have to take your coffee maker apart which I have no experience with taking keurigs apart but I have had to clean mine to so this is pretty normal.

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i 'm on my second keurig system 350. i had the same problem. you have to take a paper clip or the maintenance piece and see if any grounds are causing the problem. that did not help mine. i did the fresh water and descaling with poor results. finally i sought customer care. they sent a replacement machine ( you send holder part back) within 5 days on federal express. but would you know today the replacement started leaking from the bottom. i believe its the water holder because it stop releasing water in the cup.

please call customer service for your machine.

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