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How can the motherboard stop working from the hdmi port breaking?

Recently my ps4 started losing its hdmi signal. It still worked from time to time but then eventually the whole hdmi port came apart. I took the ps4 to ubreakifix and they said the hdmi being broken may have busted the motherboard and makes the system un repairable. It don't make too much sense to me since it's worked before with a messed up hdmi port. So can anybody give me an actual good explanation on what's going on or what to do? Thank you

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Your PS4 is not "unrepairable". Just because they couldn't fix it doesn't mean that it can't be fixed. Usually when and HDMI port goes out it will not cause any problems with the motherboard but it can in some cases. Even if there are solder pads or circuit traces that have been torn off of the motherboard that is still fixable.

Fixing your PS4, even if it needs the motherboard repaired should not be a problem for a good repair shop.

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its possible the contacts that connect the hdmi port to the board got ripped up, and off the board. theres 4 posts on the side that help align the port to the board, but on the back of the port, they solder the pins, and its possible those could of been ripped out

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Is there any way it can be repaired?


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