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MacBook Pro 17" shuts down when not on AC

I'm experiencing frequent "Blackouts" with my 2011 17" Macbook pro (El Capitan, latest): when running on battery (only then) the computer (sporadically) suddenly goes dark, shutting everything down. Reboot is unproblematic. The problem does not occur when connected with the MagSafe Adapter (which, by the way, is always nicely green).

Now I discovered that the same thing occurs when I press "ctrl alt shift power" with the system running (also when connected to AC): it just shuts down.

As "ctrl alt shift power" is for SMC reset, does that mean that the SMC is damaged and I have to replace the logic board? Or are there any other ideas?

More info:

About everything in the macbook has been replaced before: Board on warranty (it used to have those Graphic card problems), RAM (16GB Corsair), SSD, and the battery as well.

Ah, and the (original) Superdrive currently refuses to accept any CD or DVD...

Here are the screenshots from coconut battery:

Block Image

Block Image

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I've got a new battery (NuPower from Newertech) and the problem stopped.

Also, the cycles look better:

Block Image

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Patient goes to the doctor and says, "doc, it hurts when I do this. Doc says, "don't do that".

First, learn how to do an SMC reset, your key combination is incorrect, here's how:

UPDATE 4/10/16

I have this exact same machine for a customer on my bench right now. Doing the same thing. Most of the time it will POST, get half way through the boot and then just shut down. Yesterday we used our new hot air rework gun to do both the GPU and CPU. No positive results. So I'm in the same boat you are. I called Apple to get a flat rate repair because I think it's a logic board but they turned me down due to its age. Straight logic boards are listed at about $550. I'm watching several machine on eBay with things like broken screens to see if I can find a good board. I am also looking at a couple of board level repairs places. I contacted The Louis Rossman Group in NYC by he doen't like me so he didn't even bother to respond.

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"Shift-Control-Option-Power" is called "Shift-Ctrl-Alt-Power" in my region.

The machine crashes often by itself when not on AC. I just found out that pressing those keys triggers the same behaviour, but that's just a clue, not the issue.

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Get a better idea of what's happening with your battery. Download and run Coconut battery and let us know your results:

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Nice, thanks for the link! I've added the screenshots to the post above

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Wow it says the battery is older than my mac – but I just replaced it a few months ago

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Ok the battery appears to be good and charging. It ws probably new (old stock). Next lets see if it is overheating. Remove the fans and blow them out and clean the vents. Then ZAP the PRAM three times.

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