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Lanzado en Septiembre 19, 2014, este iPhone con pantalla de 4.7" es la versión pequeña del iPhone 6 Plus.

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Which replacement screen is closest in quality to OEM?

A little back story:

I recently bought an iPhone 6 64GB from a friend. It was bent and had a bright spot on the screen, but for $100 it was a steal! So, I had a local shop bend it back (and they did the best they could) and replace the screen since the bright spot bugged the crap out of me. The first screen they put on was actually WORSE than the previous screen. There was a large blueish spot on the LCD (from the battery pushing against it) and it had one of the worst cases of backlight bleed that I have ever seen. One entire side was darker than the other! I took it back and they went ahead and replaced it again along with the battery. This time it appeared to be much better but there was a plain as day dead pixel right in the middle of the screen, along with another awful backlight. I was also still getting the pressure from the components inside (but I am going to replace the back housing to fix that). Today he put on ANOTHER screen, and this one is worse! It has a really vivid bluish tinge to it and it is noticeably darker and more saturated than a stock iPhone screen. It also has 3 dead pixels. I am done with that shop.

On to my question:

Where can I find the best quality iPhone 6 screen for my money? I need something that is as close to OEM as possible in terms of display quality. I would like to be able to have my phone along side a new iPhone and not be able to see a difference in the color, backlight and pixels. Is iFixit the way to go? I have heard good things about as well and they told me that it is an OEM Apple LCD that is fused to a new piece of glass (so they are basically refurbished). I also had luck with in the past as well. What are your tips for my picky taste in screens? Once again I need NO dead pixels and no awful backlight bleed/color distortion. Thanks in advance!

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Best bet would be to just buy and original quality part or use a better repair company.

"ETrade supply" are great as they have a range of qualities. They are a more expensive than others, but as you have seen, you pay for what you get. I've used them in the past and I beleive they ship from the US now also.

OEM or original shouldn't have colour or pixel issues.

Also have you tried asking these companies what quality parts they use. As you clearly have a keen eye and you may be better off telling them you have had issues with poor quality parts. I am sure the majority of them will be honest with you, as the hassle is not worth their time having to replace it again and again.

I hope this helps!

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I just checked out ETrade Supply and their S+ is certified OEM. Looks like I am gonna get that. It's still $20 cheaper than the iFixit kit with the small pieces included.


@sadiphone Did you end up getting the Etrade Supply S+ screen? I'm trying to decide between that or one from iFixit. I'm quite particular myself and would love to hear first hand from a detail oriented person.


eTradesupply is going to be higher quality than the iFixit screen.


@benjamen50 Thanks for the feedback. How about eTrade Supply vs Apple original screen? Is there much difference in display and touch performance?


No in fact I'm going to say there is no difference if it is OEM quality.


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