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Version 2 of Parrot's toy quadcopter with HD camera, controlled over Wifi by smartphone.

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How can I fix my drone after crashing into water?

My AR Drone 2 has crashed into water. I put it for a week in a tight plastic bag with some rice trying to dry it out. However, seems something went seriously wrong as when I connect the battery it didn't respond at all.

Now, first how can I tell which part has been damaged?

second: what is the best way to fix that?

Many thanks

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Putting it in rice may have ruined it. Its food not a solution. Find someone that does micro board repair.

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I have faced the same situation when my DJI drone has fallen into the water. I have tried some basics steps at my own risk.

1) Turn the power off and remove the battery.

2) Check your warranty: If your drone is still covered by the warranty, there’s little more than you can do except put it in a dry, warm and ventilated place until you can send it off to your supplier or 'best drone repair shop for DJI Drones'

3) Towel dry the rest of the device.

4) Put the device in the oven at the lowest possible temperature, 125F to 175F, for several hours. This will dry any remaining moisture in the device. Do this as soon as possible. These temperatures are above the 104F that DJI recommends.

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How can you solve your problem put it in the oven? I should read about how to repair things with liquid damage. Drying the water is as bad as putting it in rice. Inform yourself before giving this type of answers, is misinformed and is misinforming people who may not have much idea that is effective or that will damage your device.

If something is wet and you want to repair it, read this please: Electronics Water Damage

- de

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try to give the motherboard a 100% isopropyl alcohol bath!

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