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Acer lanzó la Acer Aspire V5-122P-0889 como una computadora portátil económica que ejecuta Windows 8.1.

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Why won't my device power on when I press the power button?

I am trying to power on my laptop and I know that it is fully charged, why won't it turn on?

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There are many possible reasons for this issue. One possibility is since the power button is both an unusual design and on the side of the laptop, is that it has become stuck. Try and see if the button is visibly stuck, or cannot be pushed in all the way.

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My rarely used, and always plugged in PC, I tried to print with device I had used before. No go.

Today, I was going to try again..,had been plugged into wall all night. But no tiny blue light!

When I tried turning it on, tkk flick on adjoining tiny blue light it instead has given only 5 yellow blinks each time.

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