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Modelos del Unibody MacBook Pro con pantallas de 13" fabricadas desde el 2009 al 2012.

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Why won't my battery charge?

My charger works. My computer works. I tried a new battery, but it doesn't work. My old battery won't charge. The computer won't turn on without the battery, but was working fine until the battery ran out of charge. Is there a component between the battery and the logic board that I need to change? Or, is it something else?

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This happens with both the old and new batteries? Neither will charge? What color is the mag-safe light?


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so if you put all fully charged battery on laptop it works until it empty.

but when u charge it doesn't?

it sound like the problem with charger connector its not receiving power to charge.

does it show its charging while u got a full battery in

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Please run the aht and copy the given error code and post it, also, state the color of the charger led when plugging in.

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