iPhone boots up then back down


So I got a iPhone 5 here with some issues. Soo when I power on my iPhone, it displays the apple logo and then stays for 10 seconds intill it power down. It sits like that unless I press the power button again and it does this same process again. I decided that maybe it was the battery, so I changed the battery and the same thing happens. I decide to take my other iphone (another iphone 5)and test the replacement battery, the other iphone is on 100% , showing no signs of faulty battery. I then try to charge the phone with no battery to check if it was the blogic board or sum, and still the same issue happens. I try to set this iphone in Recovery mode and DFu mode but two problems are present. 1.) for some reason the square button acts inactive, even though its a good square button. 2.) When plugged into the computer, the computer doesnt connect. I checked different wires and everything, but nnothing seems to work. Can some one please tell me whats wrong with the iphone, if its a common/uncommon problem, and if it can be fixe. Thank you

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Sorry I did not understand the problem, the iPhone does not start and the computer can not see it?

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The iPhone starts, but only shows the apple logo for like 25-40 seconds and then turns off. It stays off unless I press the power button, but that only repeats the process again. The computer doesn't even sense it when I plug in, but the iphone does charge


hello, it is possible that the iPhone has been in contact with liquid? when you bought was already broken? It fell? thank you


Idk if it was from water, but it stopped working after I woke up and it was next to the window. The outdoors was cold atm


sorry but I read through the English translator and a few phrases or abbreviations not allow me to understand the meaning of some of your sentences.

It can in a more simple and elementary writing, otherwise some other user will help you later on. thank you


Its not from water damage @smilzo


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