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Entry level Android smartphone with 3.5" display, 832 MHz Processor, Android 2.3, and 1500 mAh battery.

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Phone water damaged but doesn't switching on

Hey there ,

My phone was fell accidentally in bucket of water,So I immediately rush to nearby phone repair shop, the keeper said somewhat, Its boot is damaged,I ignored it thought and put phone in bowl of raw rice after couple of days, I tried to switch on but nothing happens, so I tries to charge it but still doesn't on only red light is steady (charging indicator light) about three hours I again tries to turn but still nothing

What happens to my phones - please help-

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My tab is not on and charging in tab have been working on

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You should disassemble your phone and remove the battery as soon as possible. Next clean its motherboard and parts such as cable ends and anything acceptable to corrosion(metal). You can use a high grade Isopropy alcohol (90%+) and a toothbrush to clean the parts. Rice will not do anything in helping revive a water damaged phone. The Isopropyl alcohol helps remove corrosive minerals left behind by water when it dries. If left uncleaned corrosion can build and cause more undesirable damage. You can also see if a repair shop in your area specializes in water damage and uses an ultrasonic cleaner if you do not feel comfortable doing it. Also water and batteries are not friends. The battery is usually one of the first components to fail after water damage. So it is very highly recommended to replace the battery. So try cleaning the parts as I mentioned and replace the battery. Once everything is cleaned and a new battery is installed, reassemble the phone and see if it powers on.

So leave the rice in the cupboard as it does not remove corrosive minerals and is useless because of that. It's not drying the phone out that's important, it's removing any corrosive minerals from the phone. The sooner it's properly cleaned the better.

There are guides on this site and YouTube that can help show how to clean a water damaged phones. I hope this helps and best of luck.

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Hi, Great answer. Wondering how do you dispel the rice myth or is it too late?

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Thanks for your sincere reply jayeff. As far as the rice myth, it may be hard to get rid of in my opinion. So many people have heard of the rice method and many report having success which does not help. Sure, once the phone is all dried out it may power back on and function like normal, but for how long? So I guess we just need to keep educating people. Tell them the reason rice is not helpful rather than just saying it won't work. They need to know why rice does not work so they can educate others. Rice was the first method I heard of many years ago, but have learned why it's not truly helpful. So let's keep educating.

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thanks for response BurnieG I'll tries but doesn't happen It seems t be need Ultrasonic treatment for my Phone

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There is probably still some water left in your phone. Try shaking your phone to see if you can hear some water swishing around. If you do put the phone on a jar of rice. make sure The phone is submerged in the rice. ALSO make sure you tape all the points where rice can get stuck like the head phone jack and the charging port.

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