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Where is the fuse for the backlight screen

Hi, I recently bought a MacBook pro 13'' 2012 with a cracked screen which had a ram issue. I just changed the screen with a new one but still no backlight.

I am getting video as I can put a flashlight behind the screen and actually see the boot processing, same thing with an external display.

I read a bit on the backlight fuse and the driver chip too but cant seem to find some images on internet for my specific model.

I took a picture of my bord near the video connector to show you guys where I think my fuse is (the one with a little P on it) and how can I check if its the fuse or the driver...



Block Image

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Mickael, this is strictly to identify the components you asked about, not to diagnose your board. F9700 is a 3A 32V fuse in a 0603 package and your backlight driver U9701 is a LP8550.

BTW this board has a significant amount of corrosion (marked green in the attached image) which would lead me to believe that it is a water damaged board.

Block Image

You will have to clean it properly and check it for any shortcircuit. Remove the LVDS cable and inspect your connector. I suspect some damage to that as well. Check the pins properly for corrosion and short circuit. At minimum you will need the schematic, board view a multimeter to try to determine which part has failed.

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Hi, where can I get the F9700 fuse, for ebay or amazon or others, I'm based in costa rica


Hi, i have the same problem with the backlight fuse.

When i change the broken fuse, the mp will be run normaly.

But when i shutdown the mp the fuse is broken again.

Has anybody an idea for a solution?


Now i have a solution by myself:

The black plastic of the Clip from the Display plug made

a short circuit when i screw down the backcover.


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