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Procesador de 1.4GHz o 1.6GHz, SSD de 64GB o 128GB.

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Liquid damage, only works plugged into AC, charging light green, help

I spilled liquid on a protected (covered) keyboard, causing liquid to roll to the back and enter machine and enter there. Attempted to dry for days without success. As a hail-mary, I cracked it open, did some basic topical cleaning, and then it turned back on! Unfortunately, I noticed that it would not stay on, and now will only work plugged into the wall. It starts with a 1% battery, but when you log in, it turns to 0%. When you unplug from wall, it immediately turns off.

I am an amateur, so did a lot of research, and tried the following:

(1) thoroughly cleaned logic board etc with alcohol. Did not notice anything corroded that jumped out at me, but not sure what I am looking for. I did notice on red dot (sensor) on the upper right side of the logic board. All sensors on the battery were white;

(2) replaced I/O board (no change);

(3) tore everything down to clean, re-set battery (no change). I did, however, notice that one compartment on the battery appears to be filled with a little air, like it is expanding for some reason;

(4) re-set SMC and PRC

I hear that there is a "charging circuit" on the logic board, but I can't find it. Can anyone help me identify what the problem is, please?? Ive attached logic board pics can someone tell me what I am looking for?

Block Image

Block Image

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Try a another battery. There is a very high chance that it may have gone bad due to water damage.

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How old is your Laptop? Is it constantly plugged in?

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Thank you very much. I bought it refurbished, so not sure how old it is. I think it is mid 2011. Would the battery have been damaged even though the moisture sensors are still white? That might explain why the battery packs are swelling with air. Do you think ?

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AS Aiden Baker suggested, replace the battery.

The problem you describe points to a battery failure. That and if it is swollen in the way you described there is a high chance it is damaged. This could be from the liquid or a crazy coincidence. If there replacement batter results in the same problem and you have already swapped out the charging port then it means a competent has shorted out on the board. It "could" still be fixed but you will need a shop with micro soldering equipment and schematic knowledge to test and replace.

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