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An audio/video receiver (AVR or home audio receiver) is a consumer electronics component used in home theaters that convert signals into sound.

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Why does JVC Receiver have to warm up before I get sound?

Suddenly I stopped getting sound from my receiver. I noticed if I turned it on and let it warm up for several minutes, and then turned it off and back on, the sound would kick in.

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Hi, What is the model number of the receiver?

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It's a RX-8010VBK

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My JVC does the same thing.

I had a problem with one of the relays so i replaced it. I got sound the 1st time, but then after that, speakers stopped working again. Now it needs to warm up for a few minutes before it works. Any ideas?

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My 8030V started doing this about a month ago

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Hi @felderga

You have just posted a question as a "Comment" on to a 6 year old "Question".

You will get better results if you post a new question from this page:

clicking on "Ask a Question" box up on top right of page.

Also don't forget to include more details such as make, model, symptoms, anything you have tried, etc.

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@dlongtin sounds like there is a possibility of a cold solder at the amplifier section. Try to run the self diagnose function and see what it shows. You most likely will have to open your amp to check things out. So you do want to make sure that you have the right tools i.e. proper screw drivers and multimeter.

Block Image

Block Image

Let us know what the tests tell you.

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Thank you. Not sure if I have the tools to do this.

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