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Trackpad not flush with the keyboard surface

The Trackpad of my MacBook 13" Late 2009 Model A1342 was slightly up in the left side, so I decided to open it to check what was happening inside, following the instructions in your site. When I took out the battery pack I figured out that it is seated over the battery body. Then I could do nothing, because when I replaced the battery the trackpad still remained slightly up. Is there a way to fix this? The only explanation for this is that the battery is slightly up, or, I don't know... it has grown slightly in volume?!?

Some idea how to fix it?

Another question is that, when I was doing this procedure I found two black Phillips screws loose inside the MacBook, and I cannot figure out from where they are, because it's the first time this MacBook is opened, and all the screws I took out in this procedure are back in their places, and those two loosened screws are about 9mm to 10mm high.

Update (03/18/2016)

The screws are 9mm to 10mm high, and not 100mm.

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2 Respuestas

Is your battery working? That is, can you charge the battery and run the laptop for at least a few hours without AC power? If the battery is aging, is not working at all, or is working poorly I suspect that your battery may have swelled and deformed. Aging or malfunctioning batteries can swell and change shape dramatically. You say you removed the battery, did you look to see if the trackpad was in its normal position while the battery was was out of the upper case? If you remove the battery again inspect it carefully. The top and bottom surfaces should be quite flat and sighting along the edges it should not be bowing. Unless the laptop case has suffered some physical damage from a drop or other trauma a warped battery is my best guess as the cause of a "raised" trackpad. I can't help you identify the two loose screws for certain. Are they black like the other internal Phillips on this laptop? I believe the longest black Philips screws inside that model are 7.1mm (1 from the fan), 8.3mm (4 with a shoulder, these hold the heat sink), 11mm (2 from the hard drive bracket), and 12mm (1 at the top of the rear speaker housing).

Hope this helps, and good luck!

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Checking the photo of a trackpad for the MacBook, I have noticed there's 2 mounting pads in the lower edge of it. And now I remember when I reached my trackpad, these 2 mounting pads were missing. I think this is the reason why it's not flush with the body of the MacBook.

Regarding to the loose screws, when I open my MacBook again I'll double check to see if one of these screws are missing in the parts you mentioned in your answer.

Thank you very much Jeff.

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