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Modelo A1237 o A1304 / 1.6, procesador 1.8, 1.86 o 2.13 GHz Core 2 Duo

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LED backlit LCD - will it last forever?

I saw the question about a 'dimming display' and the responses made me think - will LED lit LCDs last longer - or are the crystals still aging quickly?

The reason is I am wondering is that there are no long lasting 'new' products any more. Digital age products don't wear out, they age and die (IF YOU USE THEM OR NOT - this is my point).

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The simple answer is nothing last forever but the LED should last longer than the LCD. In the old days we warned people about using a screensaver to avoid burn-in of crts---later we would inform users not to leave LCDs on when not in use because backlighting had a measured life. Each new product will come with its own guidelines for longer life and I know of no way to make a product that doesn't wear out sooner or later. Ralph

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LEDs are solid-state devices, CFLs are gas-filled tubes...

LEDs should have an extremely long life, and provide even light output during that lifetime. They are similar to transistors, however, and there is always the sight possibility of a single LED component itself failing. It should be extremely rare, however, as LEDs require very low voltage and current.

CFLs require high voltage and current to excite the gases - usually the inverter board driving the tube fails before the tube itself - and if it fails slowly, the CFL's light quality will suffer before complete failure.

The LCD itself may slowly fail in tiny spots of stuck or dark pixels over time, as the gate diodes degrade, but the most common reason for extensive LCD failure is physical damage. The LED backlight will probably outlast the LCD gates!

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what I thought ... the question I still have: do LCD's now last longer as for example I had to have the LCD display replaced at my Fluke Mutileter, and had Digital Stopwatches with a (for want of a bette word) bleeding displays.

- de

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The other advantage of the LED is that the emited light is more constant during his life, in color and luminance.

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I too would like to know the answer. I would elaborate on the basic question as follows:

- is there a measurable and predictable difference in lifespan of the various LED backlit LCD displays?

- how do display size and resolution affect lifespan?

- is the lifespan more appropriately measured in elapsed, powered, time or operational time?

- what is a representative, reasonable to expect, mean lifespan? (ROM - Rough Order of Magnitude)

- what is a representative spread (standard deviation) for this class of product?

- is the lifespan of this technology improving over time? if so by how much? (ROM)

Given the information above, the LED back light is not part of these numbers. However, I would expect, the LCD gates (pixels) and power supply to last longer because of the reduced heat and power drain of the LEDs

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jäst my Screen Wair Model A1304 macbook air 2008 my screen is god bad wair is problem

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