Maytag Washer: Won't spin, gets an SD Error (It does drain) (VIDEO)

Hi, I have a maytag bravos quiet series 400 washer. And when it get's to the spin cycle, it looks like it can't get going into the spin cycle.

It attempts to rotate clockwise (moves about an inch or less), then stops for a second, then it tries to rotate counter-clockwise (moves less than an inch), and repeats over and over. Eventually it shows an SD error after many minutes.

Here is a video:

Also, it stays stuck on "12 minutes"

Also: The motor seems to spin and work just fine in the wash cycle. It just doesn't want to spin in the drain cycle.

Any ideas?

Thanks a ton!

- Mark

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@mschmidt42 hi I am having the same exact problem what did you do to fix it.


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That's a slow drain error and is usually associated with a pump clog. To finish up a load before you can get it fixed just hit the cancel button, wait ten minutes the hit the start.

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