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El Macintosh Powerbook 140 fue una de las primeras ordenadores portátiles de Apple. Cuenta con un cable de alimentación grande, batería, bola de seguimiento en lugar de un panel táctil, fue una de las primeras ordenadores. Apple en usar un disquete interno y una altura de teclado ajustable. También fue el primer ordenador portátil en presentar un teclado hacia la parte posterior de la unidad del ordenador.

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Help! My screen won't work!

I recently got an old Macintosh Powerbook 140. I have plugged it in, and when I power it on, I hear the startup sound, and the speakers emit a tone, but the screen displays nothing. I have checked for any visible damage, and there appears to be none. It may be of note that the computer hasn't been used at all for the past 20 years. I do know that the last report of its use was that the screen was a bit touchy. 20 years ago, the screen could only be seen from the correct angle, but now there is nothing. Can anyone help?

I should also note that I have little experience with physical electronics. I work well with technical stuff, but I only have a basic understanding of electronic terms. If you could explain and terms for me, that would be great. I can do some work with electronic components, but I don't trust myself with big overhaul or too much soldering. If you have any solutions that require little or no of said things, that would be great.

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Also, if anyone knows a lot about the powerbook 140, pleas add your info in a guide on the Powerbook 140 guide page. Thanks!

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very common failure in these machines : LCD caps and inverter caps are gone , must recap lcd screen and inverter with new capacitors , i solved this problem with all my powerbooks 140-145b-160

see this video :

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If you’re still looking all these years later this may be the answer you’re looking for…

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I actually still am. Hard to believe I first asked so many years ago! This has very much been on a backburner since about then. Caps might be the problem, but the hard drive seems to have some sort of corruption. It's a [presumably] older black drive with the rounded edges. I've tried the unit with a newer, sliver, sharped-cornered hard drive, and it seemed to work. I really wanted the original drive, but I've found no way to move data over thus far.

All that being said, this has been on a backburner for a couple years so the details I can remember are sparse.

- de

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