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The RCA Voyager Pro tablet is a perfect entry into a world of wonder and entertainment. Running on Android’s Lollipop, the Voyager Pro is sure to excite and entertain.

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Won't get past the first power on screen (RCA. Powered by Android)

When I power the device up it show the opening RCA screen and will not move from that screen. I have tried resetting it both with the power button, and the reset on the back. I'm stuck and need help please. Thank you

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I know this question is almost two years old, but what the !&&*...

I had the same issue, doing a hard reset (factory reset) resolved the issue for me, and the device had no issues booting afterward.

Hold down the volume up button and press the power on button. When the splash screen with the dog pops up release both buttons. In a few seconds you'll get an android menu with several options. Choose erase all user data/factory reset and let the device cycle through the reset. It will take a few minutes, but eventually it will boot all the way.

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