15.6" Windows 7 laptop by Toshiba / Intel Core i3 processor

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My Toshiba laptop is making a loud whirring noise. What causes this!

It's made the noise before but usually gets better and quiets down. Is it the fan? Doesit need cleaning? If so, how do I clean it?

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its probably clogged fan so cleaning would be the best option

take a look at this youtube video (credits to the author): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-9DTj8a...

it might help :)



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don't stop there Kris explain how to clean the fan


updated with video guide :)


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For everyone experiencing issues with Toshiba L500-20z making a horrible whistle when audio plays, try to delete and reinstall audio drivers. For some reason the updated drivers turn the speakers into a medieval torture.

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