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Device and repair guides for the RCA 10 Viking Pro, an Android tablet with detachable keyboard that can be identified by model number RCT6303W87 DK.

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How do I replace a cracked screen?

My daughter has a 10.1 Inch Rca 10viking Pro Rct6303w87dk tablet. Her screen is cracked and only the left side of the touch screen works. How do i replace the screen?

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Is my RCA 10 Viking Pro a total loss?

While traveling the touch screen got cracked and also there is no touch response from screen.

Keyboard response is still good. Thank you for answering my question.

Just got it last Christmas... :(

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What can i fix my crack scr


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My screen is cracked on left side. How can I get it fixed?

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Hi my i drop my tablet on my siramic floor and it crack it still turns on but cant do anything were can i get it fix ?

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I have this tablet but the problem is that I have cracks inside my tablet and it doesn't work but you can turn it on and off.

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Just remove the screen frame from the backing using a hair dryer and guitar pick. There is a small seam around the screen that separates the halves. Once you work your way around the halves will come apart but careful there is a ribbon cable still attached inside. Don't break it. Using tweezers pull up on the connectors on the ribbon cables for the LCD and the digitizer to disconnect them from motherboard. Then slide a flat tool under the battery and gently free it from its glue on the back of the LCD. Keep its cable attached to the motherboard. Then unscrew the motherboard from the frame and remove the adhesive holding on the antennae cable onto the back of the LCD. Basically just free anything stuck to the LCD. Now flip the motherboard and battery onto the backing and set aside. Using a guitar pick carefully go around the edge of the LCD screen to free it from the clips in the frame. It will come out - be gentle or bending it will break it. Lastly using guitar pick and hair dryer on the front sides go around under the glass digitizer and free it's glue from the frame. Buy some cell phone adhesive 1-2mm to glue new digitized on then reverse everything and connect it all and fit it back together. Make sure it's s clean environment with no dust or hair.

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this comment right here is useful for any phone model and is a mini guide in itself for screen replacement. I fix screens also. thank you sir for this informative answer

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does it really work?

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Where do I get a replacement screen?

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What can I do for my tablet I was run to my room and I jump on my tablet on ancent and my screen on my RCA is cracked

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That was really helpful, all the grandchildren are once more giving me time to take a snooze zzz. OOPS spoke too soon, now where did i leave that guitar pick.

thanks from rabthehat

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The screen is very easy to replace,If you order a new digitizer from china it will come with the tools as well,At first you unscrew the tablet it will be a total of 7 screws,Unplug the the broken digitizer,then take a guitar pick from the top and work it into the broken screen it will be kind of hard at first,work the old screen out.clean the outside of the old screen old glue from the tablet.After that everything els will explain itself,remember do not break the retaining clip from where the the new cable will plug in to the tablet it just lifts right up it doesn't pop off but lifts straight up!

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This is a RCA Tablet

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Where can I buy RCA Viking 10 screen mine is cracked in Nigeria

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