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Publicado en Japón el 12 de diciembre de 2004, en Norteamérica el 24 de marzo de 2005 y en Europa el 1 de septiembre de 2005.

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Number of problems with my PSP 1000.

Here's the deal: a friend of mine was just going to toss out his PSP, but I convinced him to let me tinker with it, to see if I could fix it.

The battery has difficulty holding a charge.

The nub/joystick is non responsive and has sporadic movements.

The D-pad seems to want to gravitate the curser down and right.

Any suggestions on how I can fix these issues? Or is the system too far gone?

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why my psp is slow when playing video

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You might be able to solve the D-Pad issue with the PSP Button Guide.

It is a really old hand console, so the battery should be dying by now. Unless you found another battery, it'll need to be cabled to the wall.

Maybe try dusting out the joystick when you go in to clean up the D-pad buttons and see if that works?

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man your psp is awsome its almost like new all you have to do is open your psp and take out the joystick (but remove the round top before opening it) and take out the small black piece thats under the round top

then place it properly back into its place

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I can do 2 for you

Imagen de PSP 1000 Botones


Reemplazo de Botones PSP 1000



15 minutes

Imagen de PSP 1000 Batería


Reemplazo de batería PSP 1000



1 - 3 minutes

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yeah, but you are almost a year to late ;-) and its the same answer.

- de

there is no late or early

- de

but it's the same answer as above, so you have not given anything new...

- de

well 1 thing.the battery

- de

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