Why I can't install windows xp on it? I need it

my laptob is hp pavilion dv6-2130ee can't let me install windows xp and the bios didn't support that system just win 7 and up but I need xp in my work so please help me ... thank you all and sorry for my bad language.

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Rather than using windows xp as your OS why not just install a VM and run it in the virtual machine when you need it and use windows 7 for everything else


If you are unfamiliar with VM's what that is is a program that allows you to run an OS inside an OS . for example on my own personal computer I have VMware (a program) that runs as may different types of Operating systems as I want .I use it to run Ubuntu, Windows 7 , Mint, and a server called Red Hat Enterprise very old linux distro . There are very few restruictions as to what you can run in the virtual machine. . There are some places where you can download older versions of VMware that are free or you can purchase a new copy . there are may advantages to the vm world like more secure banking . less risk of viruses on unsafe sites . reformatting a vm only takes a few minutes not like reformating you computer. Just something to think about . Hope this helps

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Hi albert the reason you can't install xp on your computer is your computer is to new but that being said you can make the newer computers work in xp mode and here is how. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windo... this link also covers things that I didn't address. I do warn though windows 8 and higher does not have xp mode the link actually covers your whole question actually.

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If you don't have any those versions of Windows7 that Microsoft specify then whatever you can do is going to have to be thrown out the window cause you can't get computers that support xp anymore the business you work for is going to have to upgrade their computers.


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