The HP Spectre 13-3010dx is a high end, lightweight, HP touchscreen laptop.

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Why has laptop shut down completely and I cannot start it again?

I was using the laptop and it suddenly died without warning. I cannot get it started again. It was plugged in and re-charging

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This happened to me as well. I had to replace the motherboard. No idea why or what happened. It was plugged in charging with the lid closed and then it would not come back.

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How did you changed the motherboard ?

Did you do it by yourself or through HP ?


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This sounds like an overheating problem. If the fan and heatsink gets clogged it can cause the gpu to overheat. You can verify this by the fans spinning and no image on the screen and no image on an external monitor.

Update (01/09/2018)

Sometimes if it cools down enough it may come back to life but you will need to clean the heatsinks and fans with a toothbrush and replace the thermal paste.

Update (01/09/2018)

Here is a guide for removing the fan. Make sure the fan spins and check for dust bunnies in between the fins on the heatsink.


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