A basic battery-powered rotary tool Manufactured in 2007 by Dremel.

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Why won't the Dremel won't turn on?

I know it is charged and I am flicking the on/off switch but no noise or anything. What is wrong?

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How do you know its charged? Did you test the battery with a load test? Its possible the battery is dead. eventually all batteries lose the ability to be recharged.


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While you were charging the battery, did you see the LED light blinking? If it was is blinking, that means it's charging. If it was blinking and it is still not turning on, there is the possibility of it simply being worn out. Please refer to the Troubleshooting page or the battery repair guide

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Also, if the LED does not come on at all, the charger may have gone bad. The chargers for the 7300 should not be left plugged in "forever".

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