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This is a device page for the 2013 Lightahead DV328 HD 720p Camcorder with 4x Digital Zoom and 2.7' Flipout Screen

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My device won't charge when plugged in?

I checked to make sure that there wasn't anything wrong with the battery and found that it is the correct battery. However, the device will not charge even when it's plugged in.

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The charger could have a malfunctioning cord. Check to see if there are any tears within the wire. Sometimes there are rips where the plug is located. If this is the case, a new charger will be needed.

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Probably a BIOS problem. You need to roll back the BIOS to an earlier version. There is one stored on your machine, but to access it, you need to go to "BIOS Setup"....probably press F12 as you power on, or if it gives you an error message on powering up that the adaptor " is not recognised", press "' BIOS setup"

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