dead android logo on my rca RCS13101E / cannot reset

Can I fix the dead android logo or reset my RCA RCS13101E tablet?

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jbdrtr, try this

If the control panel is frozen or slow to repsond, press and hold the power button for 8 seconds to reset the tablet.

If that does not work, insert a paper clip into the RESET hole on the back of the control panel.

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what if neither of these work....i have tried it numerous times...still always sticks on rca load screen....left it on all night seeing if it would load, it never did.

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you need a usb keyboard with volume controls , the screen you are seeing is the reset screen but without the volume keys you cant pick any options. you can use a OTG adapter for the usb keyboard if you dont have a mini usb keyboard. my keyboard has a volume wheel and when i turned it i could see the menu and pick options. hope this helps

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I have a keyboard and the same issue. How do I fix it


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