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Battery empty without Sports Tracker on

Hello from Finland!

My own beautiful girlfriend has a problem, and it means that I really have a big problem. There was a camera broken in her Iphone 6, and I changed a new one. Everything went well and new camera is working, but after that we got a new problem with battery. Normally battery goes empty really fast. Then we noticed, that when sports tracker (using gps?) is on, the battery works like it should, and keeps power longer.

Why it does like this? How can I fix that problem? Now she things we should do sports all the time because she needs to keep sports tracker on in her phone. Can you please guys help me out of this trouble..?


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If you did not damage anything during the repair, and it was not subject to any other prior repair or liquid damage, you can attempt to put the phone in DFU mode and restore the software. Again, DFU mode (black screen). Not restore mode (showing cable and "connect to iTunes").

However, if your beautiful (we take your word for it) girlfriend's phone has any serious hardware issues, it may fail the restore and become stuck in restore mode.

If you feel this is your last resort, try this approach but back up all her data first.

As an afterthought, you can try this test before attempting the restore, and report back: activate "airplane mode," put the phone aside without touching or charging, and observe if battery depletes so fast as well. If yes, is the phone getting warm or hot during that time without you having touched it?

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