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Fourth generation Honda Civic

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Thermostat gage shows hot engine not hot or overheating

Heater stopped getting hot car is not hot or overheating gage shows hot

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From what I understood what you said the temp gage shows car overheating, but its not overheating. Then, it must be the gage temp sending unit thats giving a false reading or problem with the circuit on dashboard.

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Also, if the heater stopped working there could be air pockets trapped in the cooling system. Remove any air trapped in the system, first. By using a special spill free funnel and google that or go to youtube and look to burb air out of system. If you have no access to it, Turn heater all the way to hot position, then turn fan off. Start the car, remove radiator cap, squeeze upper radiator hose untill bubbles start popping up the opening of radiator. Keep doing this untill you see no more bubbles. Turn off engine. Put radiator cap on. However, this method is not as accurate to remove air as using the spill free funnel, but if you dont have it try this method. Also, if you have no heat it can also be a clugged heater core. Then it must be flushed and clean completely.

Hope.this helps.

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