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Smartphone by Huawei, released April 2015.

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How can I fix my phone?

my huawei y625 stopped charging sometimes I had to hold my charger a certain number of ways for it to charge, sometimes the battery % stayed the same or it went down... after sometime it stopped charging, it died and wont turn back on. Im sure its not the charger because I got lots of chargers that I tried and they all work for other phones but not for my huawei y625. any solutions? I brought it back to the strore but they told me to send it away. I cant do that because im going on holiday next week and Im afraid I wont get it back by that time. So im hoping il get some solutions here.

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Hi Kesia

It sound like charging port is faulty. You need to get someone to replace it for you. I am not sure for your model if the charging port is on the motherboard and need soldering skills or is just flex that you can plug in.

Hope this help

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