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El Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), o simplemente Super Nintendo, es una consola de juegos de 16 bits lanzada por Nintendo en 1990. Super Nintendo fue uno de los más vendidos de su tiempo y todavía tiene una gran base de fans en la actualidad.

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SNES Controller R bumper not responsive

I received a North American version of the Nintendo brand SNES controller where the right bumper does not respond. I opened it up and cleaned out all the contacts and I also can't find any sort of wire break or pin problem. I read that this may have to do with how the controller interacts with the CPU with pulse clock cycles, but other controllers I've tried don't have this issue. Is there any way to fix this problem, or am I stuck without a shoulder button to lean on?

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I have basically the same problem! I have had this SNES controller for a long time that's L-button is not working. So I took it apart today, cleaned all the parts and put it back together. But now the R-button doesn't work either! So all the other buttons work great, except L and R buttons. I have no idea what the problem is. I used a multimeter to determine that current gets through the connection when button is being pressed. I see no visible damage to the circuit board or wiring inside the controller. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

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@czab do you have a short in the cord itself???

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I got the R-button working so I guess there was just a poor connection. But the L-button doesn't work at all. After some dissecting and testing I came to the conclusion that whatever chip that processes the button inputs just doesn't respond to the L-button anymore. That isn't a huge problem since many of the games doesn't utilize the L and R-buttons anyways.

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The FAQ has an entry on the SNES controller protocol, and it looks like the R button is the last button shifted out, out of 12 valid buttons. Is this what you read about clock cycles, or did you see something else?

It sounds like it could be some sort of timing problem or a flakey chip in the controller; do you have any other controllers to test?

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Yeah, figured it was a flakey IC within the controller but I figured I might as well ask if it could be anything else. You win some, you lose some. Thanks.

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Still Could be a short. which are very common. just to let you know. Edit: Commonly caused by Sharpish bending of the cord/s

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That's usually caused by the flat cable that goes from the controller board to the motherboard. All you have to do is either replace it or remove it and solder wires for each trace instead. Some good old cleaning with some IPA will sometimes be enough tho. Juha Toikka you probably broke another flat cable trace.

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