My iPhone has no serial number?

I asked this in some other forum and no one replied so I figured I might get lucky this time.

So, I was bored and I figured I could downgrade my old 3G from 4.2.1 to 2.2.1 for science (?

It went pretty good, and I could experience the speedy performance that I used to have when I got my device brand new.

Thing is, the thing didn't support A2DP (thus I couldn't stream music to my car's stereo, the only use I could find for my poor device) unless I updated to 3.0 at minimum.

And so I did, I UPDATED (not restored) to firmware 3.0, but at the very last iTunes got stuck.. I can't remember the error though, I think it was 1611 if I'm not mistaken (maybe hardware issue?)

It seemed like a fresh restore to 3.1.3 would fix my phone, but once it got to the activation screen, and iTunes recognized it, the program says "There is a problem with your iPhone". I searched online and it seemed like it was an activation issue which could be bypassed via hacktivation (but as my phone is factory unlocked, I personally avoid it for battery issues).

Once I jailbroke it, I still couldn't get any signal (seems I also need ultrasn0w to get the thing up and running)

So I go down to Settings>About to see whether there was a baseband problem of some sort, and to my surprise, everything is OK except the Serial Number and Model shows N/A. I looked it up and there hasn't been anyone who has been able to replicate my problem.

Now, is there a way to flash the NOR or something to get my serial number back? I can't activate through iTunes anymore, and in there the serial number also shows up as N/A, though the UDID and IMEI are intact. I still got the serial number backed up via the iTunes list of known devices..

I can bypass it via Redsn0w, I know, but thing is I have never seen something like this happen, and googling didn't help at all


tl;dr After a failed upgrade my 3G lost its serial and model numbers

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