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The economical version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, released in July 2013.

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Screws not fully screwing in after re-assembly

I had a S4 Mini with a blown out speaker. I opened it up, replaced the part, and re-assembled it. The problem is that the screws in the top left and bottom right corner won't screw in all the way.

I have another S4 Mini to compare it to, and I cannot see any visual difference in how the device's front bezels are attached. Did I mess up somehow at re-assembling the device?

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I don't have an S4 Mini in front of me...and I hate to ask something obvious, but are the screws all the same length? It's a common enough problem on device re-assembly that it's worth checking.

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Judging from some S4 Mini repair videos I've seen, they don't seem particularly concerned with the screw lengths.

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OK, try backing them out. It's possible that the body and the bezel are slightly misaligned and therefore the threads in the bezel aren't engaging with the screw.

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Yeah, I looked in the screw hole ,and it's misaligned. I will have to unscrew everything, take the front off again, and try to re-seat it better. Thanks.

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