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Landing gear falls off

The screws that hold the landing legs to the body of the drone have enlarged the holes where the screws no longer function. I am not sure whether to glue them on or try to find a different size screw. If I glue, then I cannot change the color of the feet. I am not sure where to find larger screws, or if they might damage the drones body. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Ray Ratzlaff

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If this part is the receiver it can be bought for $4.00 here:

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Hi Ray,

I don't own a drone of this type, however I have repaired stripped out plastic screw holes in my time! For my recommendation, I'm assuming that the screw holes on the drone are the ones that are stripped and cannot be tightened up.

To repair the holes to make sure you can still replace the legs and keep that functionality, I would recommend trying a process similar to this YouTube video. He uses the original screws, covers them in Teflon tape, fills the stripped hole with a plastics epoxy, and while the glue is wet, puts the screw in to essentially mold a screw hole. You let the epoxy dry while the Teflon-tape wrapped screw is in the hole, then take the screw out with a driver and you should be good to go.

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