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6th generation Android smartphone designed by Google and manufactured by LG. Model LG-H790. Released October 2015.

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Nexus 5x is not working, dim screen


I've dropped my Nexus 5x after which it stopped working. However, when I press the power button I can hear the lock sound and the screen changes its color from grey to black (as if the phone would be locked) and vice versa. At the same time, I cannot recieve any notifications or phone calls.

I disassembled the phone and tried to reconnect all the flexes, but it didn't give any results.

Does anyone know what could cause this problem?

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Problem solved after a replacement of the screen.

- de

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Hi Anton !

its probably your lcd display that is broken you will probably need to replace it whit a new one

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Thank you for replying. What confuses me is that I can't take any calls. Can this arise due to the broken display?

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