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El iPhone 5c de Apple fue anunciado el 10 de septiembre de 2013. La reparación de este dispositivo es similar a los modelos anteriores, y requiere destornilladores y herramientas de entrometimiento. Disponible como GSM o CDMA / 8, 16, 32 GB / Blanco, Rosa, Amarillo, Azul y Verde

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White logo of Death after screen and battery replacement?

Hey Everyone,

Replaced the screen/digitizer and the battery and now the phone just boots to the white apple logo, doesn't move from there. Can't power it off unless you open the phone back up and disconnect the battery. Tried disconnecting the battery, screen, and reconnecting with the same results.

Read that new batteries sometimes do this to phones, letting the battery completely drain then recharging usually fixes it. But I'm just looking for more insight on this problem and if anyone ran into this problem. I've replaced dozens of screens and never ran into this issue before where I can't power down or go into recovery/DFU mode with a screen/battery replacement.

Computer sees the device in device manager, but can't see it in iTunes.

Just hoping the board isn't fried, I'd be quite surprised if it was fried. I'm very good about ESD and making sure my screws are in the right places.



Now that the phone has died and is now charging, when booting, it shows coding across the screen. Stays there, then reboots. Thoughts? I'm think dead board or it needs a restore.

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Replacing the lightning cable fixed the home button problem, but the screen and mobo were still acting up. The mobo would spit coding out and prevent the phone from booting up until it died and rebooted and we were getting the dreaded white line on the screen.

So since I replaced the battery and got it off of amazon, I decided to go back to a vendor I used previously and try one of their batteries. And amazingly after replacing the battery, all of the issues I was having with the mobo and screen vanished, like magic! So if you replaced the battery and your mobo and screen start acting weird, it could be a dirty, bad battery.

I also referred to this forum on ifixit and that helped out a lot with the white line and battery issue, see below.

White Vertical Lines on LCD

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Try a force restart first

Como Completamente Restablecer un iPhone 5

Why can't you put it into dfu?

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Because the phone doesn't respond to the DFU command. Holding the power button does nothing, no response from the phone. Power button + home button (DFU) nothing. Power button and the volume up button, nothing. Like I said, I've NEVER run into a problem where I couldn't get a phone into DFU mode. Quite strange.

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When the phone dies and you recharge the phone. Hitting the power button turns the phone on, so we know it's communicating up to that point.

- de

Makes me wonder if there's something wrong with the power button. That, or more likely, there's something wrong with the home button or lightning dock

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Well, I can power on the phone with the power button, and the phone recognizes it is charging. Windows sees the device in Device Manager, but iTunes doesn't see it.

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Do you have a spare lightning dock, that you can test on it?

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