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won't turn on. pitch black screen

I was at school during lunch my iPod went to 20% so I left it alone. Then, when I got to study hall to check the time it wouldn't show the lock screen after I already clicked the lock button. So I thought it was already died during study hall but when I got home to plug it in, it wouldn't turn on. So I went in my moms room and plugged it into her Mac and it still wouldn't turn on, also I tried holding the lock and home button(my home button is broken) and still nothing. I also tried just holding the lock button but that didn't work either. So I'm getting worried, I tried pulling up iTunes and it isn't connecting to iTunes, I tried just letting it sit and charge for an hour and literally it's not working. But it was working perfectly fine at school and when I woke up this morning, so idk what to do honestly I tried everything, I looked up so many things to fix it and nothing helped me out because it involved using my home button, which doesn't work because its jammed. And I truly believe that I don't need a new iPod, its in great condition it just goes pitch black at times and I usually fix it by connecting to my Mom's computer/iTunes. I just need some help, I really don't wanna call the Apple Store.

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Make sure if you haven't try different charging cables (make sure if you are plugging your phone into your computer you have a data cable, not just a charging cable!) otherwise you may some kind of issue internally with your charging connector or logic board.

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umm i don't have any other chargers, lol i go through chargers on a daily so yeah.. i don't have a phone i just have an iPod idk what a data cable is.


Sorry for the confusing terms on my part! At this point your best would be to replace the device. If you need to get data off of it I would try your local Apple store or try a store that specializes in data backup from dead devices.


I have the same problem with my ipod 5 nothing works I tried different cables and itunes and nothing. The same thing happened with my iphone 5s


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