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Similar in many ways to HTC's flagship One M8 but lacking a dual camera system, the E8 smartphone features a plastic body and a 5-inch Super LCD3 display. Released June 2014.

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microphone for phone call and voice recorder work hardly?


a drop of water splashed on the holes of bottom of my htc one e8 .

and the sound works while recording video on camera and talking on the phone on the speaker mode , but the sound doesn't work while talking on the phone and voice recorder(but when i talk loudly or talk very close to the microphone it works hard).

whats the problem?

please help me

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There are actually two microphones in the phone. The one that is used for the speaker phone and video sound capture is located towards the top area of the phone. The microphone you are having issues with is located on the bottom of the phone. This mic is located on the small USB charge port pcb. You can replace the USB charge port pcb to fix the mic issue. The mic was likely damaged by the liquid which will require you to replace it. You can do this by either replacing the USB pcb or replacing just the mic which requires a rework or hot air station to remove and solder the new mic. Hope this helps. If you need assistance finding parts just let me know.

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