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An upgraded version of the Microsoft Surface, the Microsoft Surface Pro (1514) Laptop/Tablet hybrid is very difficult to open and repair without further breaking the device.

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Anyone knows where I can buy the plastic bezel?


I'm searching for a replacement plastic bezel/frame that's behind the lcd/digitizer of a Microsoft Surface Pro 1514 (where you put the glue/double sided tape on).

When I opened my tablet I applied too much heat to weaken the glue. The bezel was damaged in the process and I'm unable to find a replacement.

See the attached photo for the damaged bezel and for the complete picture of the bezel (in his hands).

Original part info: Enclosure, Main, Top, Injection Molded ABS Polycarbonate, w/ PSA, X870178, CAV 4, >PC+ABS<

Hope you can help me out

Or to give me tips on who sells this replacement part


Block Image

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From doing a search on eBay, I found one listing that met your model and specifications.

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