Can't power on the headphones, no battery lights when plugged in

I am pretty frustrated with these Beats Studio headphones which are only about 6 months old and cost as much as a car payment... All of the sudden they stopped working, and although there is similar issues listed all over the Internet, none of them accurately describe my issue. My headphones appear completely dead, meaning no battery lights come on regardless if it's plugged in or not. The difference with my headphone malfunction is that there is a light that activates on the opposite ear cup from the battery lights/power button (I think this is for bluetooth). This light will stay on and blink depending on button combinations I make. So far, I have read through forums, watched youtube videos, and randomly mashed buttons to try and correct this problem and get my headphones up and running again. Unfortunately none of the above tactics have provided a solution (shocking as that might sound).

I have attempted to reset the headphones, and held the power button alone for intervals ranging from 10 seconds (as suggested on the Beats site) to 1 minute (as suggested by YouTube). I have also held the power button while simultaneously pushing other combinations of buttons (volume up/volume down/mute) however no luck.

I'm hoping as a last ditch effort someone can suggest another tactic and save me from having to fight the hoard at the Apple Store! Please Help!

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Given all you've tried, I suggest that you 'steel' yourself and return it for a warranty refund.

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