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Keyboard/Trackpad dock stopped working on S1002

I have an Acer s1002 or maybe s1007, all the same really, I bought it a month ago. A week after I got it, I got into an accident on a San Francisco Muni Train, and broke the screen with my head. I have been using it fine with the keyboard/trackpad attachment, and it has been sitting on my desk since. This morning, the keyboard stopped working, including the trackpad, and the USB seems intermittent, the computer starts refreshing the device manager, then stops when I plug things in. The screen does however turn off when I get the lid closed 75% of the way. I tried simulating a keyboard to make sure it was not just a light sensor, and it was not.

I went to best buy and my keyboard worked fine on another Acer One 10, but a new keyboard did not work on mine. I then went to Microsoft, and found that an external keyboard with micro usb worked. We did a full windows 10 update, and still nothing.

Anyone have any ideas? The night before it died, I had cleared out a lot of used drive space, and some Windows updates that were unable to install prior due to space issues had installed, but I cant even seem to get into the bios.

While I am asking questions, anyone know if I can order a new screen? I am also wondering if anyone knows how to open these units up to check for loose connections,

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I have the Acer One s1002 model along with keyboard dock issues. Your problem is possibly in the connection between the tablet and the keyboard as this is where my issue lays. Look at the bottom of the tablet at eye level where it connects to the keyboard and check if any of the connection pins are unlevel. If so, I would consider this the starting point for your troubleshooting.

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Broken link....

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