This instant camera from Fujifilm now boasts a slimmer and lighter body than previous revisions. The Mini 8 helps the photographer by alerting them the recommended aperture. It also has a High-Key flash mode which helps the photographer attain soft portraits for a stunning look.

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setting light is stuck on house icon picture.

I droped my camera ..but it still works fine except the seetings light is stuck on the home picture ( icon) and when i turn the arrow towards the diffrent setting nothing can i fix it ?

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hey so after I saw your message (cause the same thing just happened to me and my camera is brand new and hasnt taken any fall) i decited to try something. I took it outside when it was supper sunny and turned it on to se what would happen. turns out the camera is smart enough to detect what setting you need. by being outside in the bright sun it turned the setting light on very sunny. then i turned so it had a slight shadow of my body and it switched the light to sunny. then i casted more shadow on it and it turned to cloudy and as u can figure it out when i covered the sensor fully it turned to house. so if you have only noticed this while inside the house, take it out on the sun and see if it changes. then your all good and its a camera feature that suggests which setting u should use lol Hope this helped! (;

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i tried that last christmas and it was like that ever since i opened it but it wont work... :(


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